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Culture Collision

Join us for Culture Collision 13! Come visit the Lyrica Baroque table and learn about all of the amazing arts organizations in the city!

In 2008, a resident of New Orleans wrote presciently in Forbes Magazine that “for too long we have separated art and culture from what the business community calls economic development. Traditionally, we have used our art and culture only as a tool to open doors and relate with foreign investors. This eventually led us to conventional business interactions, but we were limiting our own economic potential. Looking forward, we are using the model of the Cultural Economy Initiative to capitalize on these important assets and realize that culture is business.” The author was Mitch Landrieu, Louisiana’s then Lieutenant Governor.

Those who worked to make Culture Collision a reality knew precisely what they were doing, and why they were doing it. They saw that what New Orleans does best is sell itself and, like great art, its culture and attraction is timeless.

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