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Lyrica Baroque is a unique gathering of artists who perform and educate as a special kind of chamber ensemble. Established in 2009, Lyrica Baroque is a three-time winner of Best Chamber Music Performance in Gambit Magazine’s Tribute to the Classical Arts. The group has performed in popular venues such as St. Mary’s Church in the Ursuline Convent, the New Orleans Museum of Art, and the St. Louis Cathedral and collaborated with celebrated organizations such as The Historic New Orleans Collection, New Orleans Friends of Music and the New Orleans Opera Association. Lyrica Baroque offers a high level of creativity and artistic excellence that is both collaborative and inspiring. Their unmatched versatility, coupled with truly stellar performances offers a new and exciting experience in classical music.

Benjamin Atherholt
Jaren Atherholt
Amadi Azikiwe
Joshua Bluford
Bryan Batt
Maria Fernanda Castillo
Jonathan Colbert
Noé Cugny
Karla Donehew Perez
Jacob Fowler
Paul Groves
Harlem Quartet
Elena Lacheva
Yun-Ting Lee
Sasha Massey
Sarah Jane McMahon
Maureen Nelson
Chistopher Pell
Kayla Picquet
David Pittman
Robyn Quinnett
Mia Rotondo
Ji Weon Ryu
Amber Sešek
Eric Silberger
Régulo Stabilito
Anaïs St. John
Trenton Thomas
Anna Vinnitsky
Orion Weiss
Patti Wolf

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